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Riverside is the 4th biggest city in California (inland) and is known for numerous tourist attractions, which causes a huge influx of visitors annually. This influx consequently had led to the establishment of bars, restaurants and cafes, facilitating party culture and leading to an increasing drug addiction problem.

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in this area, although heroin, cocaine, and other narcotics are popular too. Over 400,000 people are suffering from an addiction to heroin or cocaine in Riverside.

At Our Addiction Rehab, we can help your dear one or you to fight this addiction and recover step-by-step with our guidance.

The Ideal Place for Drug Addiction Recovery

Our facility is famous for its flexibility when it comes to drug addiction treatment plans and customized programs. We provide expert care when it comes to the physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals that handle our clients. Each and every method of treatment and care used by us is tested and safe. We do not only focus on battling the physical aspect of an addiction, but give priority to the emotional side of dependency. Through this two-pronged approach, Our Addiction Rehab ensures that once you leave our center, a relapse is almost close to impossible.

Well Staged Interventions

Our Addiction Rehab offers assistance right from staged interventions and continues even after you check out our rehabilitation facility. Our specialists will discuss all the important factors that need to be kept in mind while staging an intervention. We even provide training so that you approach the situation in the right manner, which greatly increases the chances of it being a success.

The timing and method of an intervention is of utmost importance. A well-planned intervention done at the wrong time could be a failure, and our experts are skilled in identifying the right time for a talk with your loved one.

It is vital to stay united through an intervention and make the dependent feel safe and protected. Often interventions go wrong when the person in question ends up feeling judged or humiliated.

Detox that is Effective

At Our Addiction Rehab’s Riverside facility, we help people through the entire detox process. We understand that this is the first time the dependent will be abstaining from drugs and the physical withdrawal symptoms can be very challenging and sometimes even painful. We administer appropriate medication to those who need it, in order to ease the withdrawal process.

During detox, the dependent’s body is cleansed of all the toxic substances that drugs would have incorporated into it. Doing this is the first step towards a recovery. Apart from physical care, therapy and emotional support are an important part of detox, as people go through emotional stress as well. We ensure the dependent feels strong and supported.

Long-Term Goals of Recovery

Once the Our Addiction Rehab is done with the detox, the dependent is ready for the next step, which is rehabilitation. It is in this stage that the help seeker is taught to live a normal life without drugs. We do our best to tackle the various triggers and vulnerabilities that caused the addiction in the first place.

Counseling is a prime part of rehabilitation, and this may even be continued after you finish the drug addiction treatment program.

Post-Rehab Facilities

Once you are done with rehab, you can start leading a normal life. Services like support groups and other activities conducted by Our Addiction Rehab help the person stay focused on their goal of staying sober. So, give us a call if you or your friend/relative requires help and support in recovering from drug dependency.

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Drug Addiction in Riverside

california mansion website photoDrug addiction is a dependency that can destroy your life because it gets serious in the blink of an eye. Riverside parties are no strangers to drugs, which is one of the first places people come into contact with drugs. Party drugs may seem harmless, but they soon lead to the use of other more harmful and addictive drugs.

You could come to our facility if you or a loved one needs help dealing with their drug dependence. Our Addiction Rehab offers assistance right from an intervention up to rehabilitation.

Know When to Stop

If you party a lot and drink often, party drugs can easily make their way into your life. Fun parties, great music, and a welcoming ambience may sweep you off your feet every time, and make it seem alright to indulge in doing things that are illegal. It is up to you to know exactly where to stop.

Drugs may seem like fun, but remember they are extremely harmful and could destroy your personal and professional life.

Our Addiction Rehab offers various drug addiction treatment options, which are very helpful for people battling an addiction.

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Drug Addiction Intervention for Riverside Residents

Assistance (with clipping path)Interventions are normally conducted by the close friends and family of the person who needs help with their fight against substance abuse. Talking to the dependent about their problem openly is a great way of helping them come to terms with the fact that they need help. It is vital for an intervention to be conducted in the correct manner because it could easy let the situation go out of control if the dependent person is offended in any way.

At Our Addiction Rehab, we ensure that you or your friend/relative is helped throughout the intervention process so that it gets easier to deal with the problem of drug dependence.

The Importance of an Intervention

Interventions are great tools that help people comes to terms with reality. If you have already tried performing an intervention in past and have failed, it is never too late to try again. The method in which it is carried out will determine how effective it is in getting the message across to the dependent.

Often people who are on a downward spiral because of the dependence on a substance are in denial that they have a problem and need help. An intervention helps bring this fact to light in a sensitive manner. The professionals at Our Addiction Rehab understand the gravity of the situation and will make sure it is appropriately conducted.

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Drug Detoxification for a Fresh Start to Recovery

medical nursesIn Riverside, Our Addiction Rehab is known as one of the top facilities for drug dependence treatment. It is not unusual to find inhalants, hallucinogens, cocaine, and heroin being abused at parties or events. Although it is hard for authorities to keep a tab on each and every vice, Our Addiction Rehab is a great way to stop a loved one from running their life. Recovery begins with a good detox program, which we offer. The drug addiction treatment programs offered by us are unmatched by others.

The Real Worth of Drug Detoxification

Detox is the first active and hardest part of drug addiction treatment at Our Addiction Rehab. It is in this stage that the dependent persons mind and body are cleansed of the toxic substances introduced by drugs. After this stage is successfully complete, the help seeker is then directed towards rehabilitation.

Combating the Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms usually vary in terms of severity and degree from one individual to the next. The symptoms that dependents experience also vary greatly from one person to the next.

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Riverside Drug Addiction Rehabilitation and Treatment

addictionDrugs are becoming increasingly common in Riverside parties. Young people find it completely normal to consume party drugs, but this occasional indulgence soon turns into a crippling habit. Our Addiction Rehab provides drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs that will help you or your loved ones overcome drug dependence and lead a normal and healthy life.

Our Approach Tackles Two Main Issues in the Rehabilitation Process

Our Addiction Rehab believes that it is not just the physical dependency that needs to be tackled but emotional changes associated with drug rehabilitation are also vital to comprehensive recovery. Medical treatment is provided to the help seeker depending on their specific needs and the kind of addiction, but this is successfully paired with therapy that will help him battle the mental dependency aspect.

Recovery that Lasts Forever

While you are undergoing drug rehabilitation at Our Addiction Rehab’s facility, our physicians will help you tackle the physical and emotional aspects of the addiction. With the help of expert counseling sessions, we will unearth trigger factors that could have caused the dependency in the first place.

Our professionals will help the dependent overcome their weaknesses so that the future is bright and the chances of succumbing to substance abuse are greatly reduced.

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